I saw the future of Xbox at Gamescom, and it was in an app


We are officially entering the post-pandemic era, with conventions and trade shows spinning again after a few years in hibernation. Gamescom 2022 was the first event I’ve attended in almost three years, and admittedly it was a bit of a quiet affair. The booths and floor presence were much smaller than usual, but the turnout seemed no different, with some event days completely sold out. If I don’t get covid it will be some kind of miracle, but I digress. We are all here to talk about games!

gamescom it had a wide variety of games of all shapes and sizes, and I was able to check out several upcoming Xbox games, including Lies of P, penanceThe Callisto Protocol, minecraft legends, serial cleaners and many more. However, the first part of the coverage that I wanted to present to all of you does not refer to any specific game. However, I still feel like it was the biggest Xbox and Microsoft news of the show, possibly flying under the radar under the glitz and glamor of the next wave of shiny games. This refers to an ingenious piece of technology that is currently being implemented to Samsung Neo QLED 2022 Smart TVsand got to try it out for myself for the first time at Gamescom.


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