NXT Recap and Reactions (August 30, 2022): NXT Family Reunion


Let’s start this week, people! We have a lot to talk. Claire also talked about it in her usual place with her usual skill.

the tradition continues

NXT used his story this week as part of the hype to worlds collide. Ciampa, Finn Balor, Rhea Ripley, Shayna Baszler, Gunther, Alba Fyre, and even Pete Dunne. All the former champions of their respective belts spoke with the current champions about the legacy, the history, the pressure and everything that is at stake in worlds collide. I have two minds on how this played out, so please discuss with me what worked and what didn’t.

Seeing these former champions certainly underscored the importance of the match. It also raised the stakes in a way that commentary just can’t do. And that’s not an insult to Vic or Wade either. Some things just sound better when spoken as a result of experience. His words also reminded everyone of the purpose of worlds collide. NXT UK is leaving. Some of these current championship reigns are on the clock. What we currently know as NXT is changing before our eyes, so yes, this is serious business.

Interactions worked better with established connections. Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate. Alba Fyre and Meiko Satomura. Pete Dunne and Gunther. And last but not least, Ciampa and Bron Breakker. Speaking of Ciampa, I love how NXT transforms wrestlers into their previous gimmicks the moment they walk through their doors. miz who?

Those connected on different levels anyway, which makes them feel like integral storytelling tools rather than superficial tricks of the trade. That’s probably why Finn and Bron didn’t work out, and neither did the combination of Shayna and Mandy Rose. Oh, and let’s not even get into Rhea and Blair Davenport. Those appearances on the other side of the spectrum as they lacked depth and meaning.

They blow up the crowd and scratch that nostalgic itch for old NXT, but that’s really the only purpose. Unlike the other looks that scratched that itch Y it meant something to the fighters involved and the audience because we know their shared history.

I love that WWE embraces its history in this way. Former champions expressing their respect for championship belts show that those titles are bigger than disputes or even any prior issues the fighters may have. It’s a different build towards a title fight and sets worlds collide apart as a singular event. Those are all very good things.

It might be easy to get, but most of the cameos made me more excited for the unification matches and reinforced that I have no idea who leaves the event with titles in their hands.


strike finger of doom

Grayson Waller defeated Apollo Crews. I’m normally against such shenanigans, but now I’m fine with it. Why? Because Waller cheated, which gives Apollo a chance for a rematch. Plus? It’s another example of heels acting like heels, something I’ve always loved.

This was also a pretty good match because Waller keeps getting better and Apollo is Apollo. Waller poked Apollo in the eyes twice. Once in the first act and once for the finale. The first time he took Apollo off his game for a while and the second time it happened so fast you might miss it unless he’s paying attention.

These two aren’t finished, but I’m curious how Apollo finds a way around Waller’s cunning.

Here comes a new challenger

This was a rare tag title defense for Katana Chance and Katana Carter. They defeated Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley, but mainly due to interference from Toxic Attraction. They barely got into their match before Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne got involved. The story is there though: they missed their chance at the other tag team championships, so they don’t want anyone to have anything they don’t.

Doudrop x Nikki ASH appeared once Carter x Chance told the world that they had no one left to beat. The women’s team Raw challenged the NXT Tag Champions to a match at worlds collide, finally giving them something to do and someone new to fight. I like that for them.

Denzel, John Lithgow and Ice-T

Ricochet is back! Well, for at least one event. Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams stepped into the ring before the night was over. Champion A was outraged by his absence from worlds collide. So much so that he dropped the line of the night:

“I broke a rebellious heart. This is not a dream and you cannot lead me astray.


After declaring that he will not defend his title at the event, that will show them, Melo, Ricochet’s musical success. Mr. O’Shea explained worlds collide it can have more than one meaning and the event needs some blue mark.

They exchanged barbs for a moment, with Melo clearly in shock. So yeah, we’re getting a match between these two on college of worlds that will definitely bring the house down.

roderick sucks

I am aware that this story with Roderick Strong and Diamond Mine must end. It cost Creed Bros. and Damon Kemp yet another match this week. This time against Gallus when he stupidly ran into the ring with cell phone proof to exonerate himself of wrongdoing and that he is not a liar. Kemp was distracted, the Creed brothers were confused, and Gallus got the W.

Given Roddy’s foolishness, this was the best game of the night. I want more of these three because it’s just physical. The Rough Diamonds are full of canvas fighters, but they are also thugs. They can fight with the best and match Gallus blow for blow and intensity.

When the match was over, the locker room emptied into the ring because, you know, worlds really do collide.

The sigh

Do you know what I don’t like? This feud between Joe Gacy and Cameron Grimes. And the crowd agrees with me because they dropped a lot of F-bombs during this segment with Schism and Grimes.

The silver lining is that Grimes has finally told Gacy that he won’t be joining Schism, which means a fight is coming. Which means this, thankfully, is almost over. Good luck to all who suffer as much as I do.

pretty legendary

Gallus loves Briggs & Jensen so much they can taste it. The British trio interfered in the NXT UK Champions’ trio match against Pretty Deadly and Lash Legend. Even with Fallon “Yee Haw, Bitch” Henley by his side, it wasn’t enough to stop Gallus from changing the direction of the match. That’s why Pretty Legendar (Buena, Barrett) got the W. This wasn’t the best match for these teams as he was clearly serving. worlds collide it was the greater purpose. Honestly? However, I am more interested in a feud between Paxley and Legend. Every time those two get their hands on each other, it feels like a real fight between two people who don’t like each other.

chase the dragon

Whenever Andre Chase has time, he produces some pretty good games. He and Charlie Dempsey had some time this week and they delivered. Chase is always interesting in the ring and like Stella said, you have to respect a man who fights in a sweater. Chase got the W here after Dempsey got distracted by Bodhi Heyward. As always in wrestling, looking away from the prize often leads to a terrible death.


So Zoey Stark, fresh off a championship loss to Mandy Rose, took her frustrations out on Kiana James. Outside of kayfabe, James fighting Stark is good for her because he will only up her game and make her look better. As far as kayfabe goes, James keeps writing checks that she can’t cash in the ring. Last week it was Nikkita Lyons. This week it’s Zoey Stark. Zoey got the W, which serves as a rebound, but the real moment of the match came when Lyons showed up to get revenge on James.

What does that say about Zoey? What is her role now? That’s the weird thing about NXT having an individual belt for women. Not everyone has a big fight to fall into after losing a title fight as Wendy Choo to Tiffany Stratton. Lyons’ appearance overshadowed Zoey’s victory and underscored the fact that Zoey is a woman without a country at this point. The game was good, but yes, the end was intriguing.

This was a solid outing. He did his main job, which is to prime the pump to worlds collide. Nothing more and nothing less.

Grade B

That’s my rating and I’m sticking to it. Your turn.


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