Splatoon 3’s most hated weapon needs to go, players say


A hint armed with a Clash Blaster fires several rounds in an attempt to finish off the opposing team.

Oh cool, here’s this asshole using the gun.
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With Splatoon 3 Finally on the Nintendo Switch, people have no doubt tried out a variety of the game’s eclectic weapons. There is much to see, from the classic rapid-fire Splattershot Jr. to newer weapons like the swift splatana (which has quickly become a favorite of mine). However, while everyone has their enemy, there is almost always someone complaining about the Clash Blaster, a pencil-sharpener-like weapon that players often draw attention to for being messed with. And I totally agree. The Clash Blaster is cheap.

A colorful ink painting shooter, Splatoon 3 allows you to unlock various pieces of gear, such as hats and shirts, along with weapons, after leveling up in either single player or multiplayer. Each level rewards you with a new weapon to experiment with, though you still have to purchase them with Sheldon’s Licenses, a type of currency you acquire by playing the game. The infamous Clash Blaster it’s one of the weapons you can get at level 22. And people hate it so much that there have been some pretty threatening messages all over the hub world urging people to stop using it. Now!

The author's hint discusses a message that requires players to stop using Clash Blaster.

Totally not sinister at all.
Screenshot: Nintendo/Kotaku

What makes Clash Blaster so OP?

The Clash Blaster is deadly. Originally appearing in splatoon 2 and built for use in medium to close range skirmishes, it can kill an opponent with two good body shots or three or four shots around the feet. That makes it a hassle to deal with. In addition to dealing solid damage, its blast radius is wide enough to hit combatants even when shots miss. So if you get caught in Clash Blaster’s range, you’re pretty much dead. There is no escape, really.

I can attest to this. As a blind gamer with atrocious accuracy due to an eye condition called keratoconusI still managed to get kills in double digits with the Clash Blaster. It’s a weapon so OP didn’t need to have the best aim to use it. As long as he can shoot around the vicinity of the opponent in front of me, they are definitely being killed. The same thing happened every time I went against him in PvP. Seriously, he slaps. Or splashes, I guess.

Why do people hate Clash Blaster so much?

As described above, the Clash Blaster is very powerful. You don’t have to be a top-tier player to climb the multiplayer ranks when using the gun that looks like a pencil sharpener. And that’s why many people can’t stand it. Just type “Clash Blaster” on Reddit or Twitter, and you’ll see plenty of complaints about the weapon and what it’s like. an unjust weapon. Some will say that it isstill busted as fuck,” while others ask Why, of all the available weaponry to choose from, would anyone wield the weapon when it’s so OP and capable of ruining the fun Y smashing the squids Y girls alike. Hate for the Clash Blaster dates back to splatoon 2, For the love of Christ. He talks about holding a grudge. In games, there may not always be a Obligations play on playstationbut you can bet there will always be a splatoon player complaining about the Clash Blaster.

I mean even before Splatoon 3 released on September 9, the official subreddit of the game it was the home of frequent Cash Blaster calls. Some begged Nintendo to remove the Clash Blaster of the tresquel And when the company revealed that the gun would return, some took the news very, very hard. You can always count on someone posting about how the sharpener-looking gun spoils the inking fun.

While the Clash Blaster can be an annoying weapon, it’s not the one I’d label the most aggravating to go against. There are other weapons on my blacklist, namely the insanely fast Inkbrush and Octobrush, as well as wide-range rollers that effortlessly crush you. But I’m not going to deny how annoying the Clash Blaster can be, especially when it’s in capable hands.

Splatoon 3 has been a huge success for Nintendo despite not being out for a full week yet. In fact, the third person shooter has already sold more than three million copies in just three days in Japan, making it much more popular than breath of the wild or even Pokemon games. That’s wild.


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