The best new widgets for your iPhone lock screen in iOS 16


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With iOS 14, Apple brought widgets to your iPhone’s home screen—won iOS 16, Apple wants to do the same with your lock screen. Wwith this update, you can create multiple lock screens that you can cycle through at any time, yeEach lock screen can contain up to five different widgets: there’s a grid of four squares below the time, and a text-based widget at the top. To see your options, long press the lock screen, tap the “personalize”, then touch a widget area to a list of all available widgets.

Apple did a good job picking out some basic widgets, but as always, it’s the third-party apps that do the heavy lifting here. While the lock screen widgets are limited (no option for colorful photos or media), there are already dozens of great apps that support Lok yesScreen widgets. These are some of our favorites:

  • Rocket launcher– Use this popular app to create shortcuts that will perform actions, play music and more, without leaving the lock screen.
  • contraption– This app spearheaded the customizable widget revolution in iOS 14. Now, you can bring that revolution to your lock screen, with the ability to add widgets for weather, calendar, text, and even photos.
  • display kit: The iOS 16 update of the app includes more than 100 widgets specially designed for the lock screen. You can see the date, your step count, weather, reminders and more on the lock screen, with pre-designed shortcuts.
  • carrot time: East The weather app with its unique sense of humor has 20+ customizable lock screen widgets. These widgets will display the weather, detailed forecast, and fun updates.
  • Frivolous: A great way to view live flight progress, countdowns, and flight updates.
  • Search: The popular dictionary app can now display the word of the day on the lock screen.
  • Motivation: daily motivational quotes on your lock screen.
  • Zones: Another app from the developer of LookUp brings customizable time zone widgets to the lock screen, letting you see the time in multiple places at once.
  • best personal brand: If you like to keep track of your workouts, the Personal Best app now has lock screen widgets. The app will show you stats for recent workouts, heart rate activity, and more.
  • smart gym: The app has a new weekly widget that shows you the entire week’s activity at a glance.
  • waterminder: The popular water reminder app now has a lock screen widget, helping you stay on track with your water goals.
  • Fast: This free app allows you to add quick contact shortcuts to your lock screen, taking the speed dial concept to a whole new level. It also supports messaging through third-party apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal.
  • quite a bit of progress: A light and “pretty” way to add countdowns to lock screen.
  • soor: The popular third-party music player now has widgets to play your favorite mixes in rectangular and circular layouts.
  • Todoist: The popular task manager now allows you to view your to-dos from the lock screen. Similar apps like Stuff They have also added this function.



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