Sofia’s choice? How Meghan was shocked by this car trip: royal expert


There were audible gasps in London’s commercial center as the procession of cars taking the royals to Westminster passed the densely packed crowds lining London’s streets. Not in view of the ceremonial splendor for which London is world famous, but in view of Meghan Markle and Sophie, Countess of Wessex. The two women sat together in the car; given his history and everything that had gone before, who thought this was such a great idea?

Sophie, poised as ever, wore a belted, long-sleeved black midi dress for the occasion, following the royal tradition of dressing somberly during the period of mourning. The princess accessorized minimally with a silver cross necklace and a black hat.

During the ceremony at Westminster Hall, the Countess of Wessex joined her husband and other members of the royal family, including Kate, Princess of Wales, Queen Consort Camilla and Princess Beatrice, in honoring Queen Elizabeth II. But all eyes remained on the car that former cable TV actress Meghan Markle sat in, basking in the mirrored spotlight of the family that she says treated her so poorly during her very brief tenure in it. .

Queen Elizabeth II was a great source of comfort to Sophie for many years. She and the now queen consort were the only non-blood relatives at Balmoral after the monarch’s death, with Sophie previously described as a “second daughter” of Elizabeth II. Both also shared a passion for military history and could often be found delving into documents at the Royal Archives in Windsor for hours and then discussing the findings over afternoon tea and jam sandwiches, such a close bond. .


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Meghan Markle and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, sit next to each other on their way to Westminster Hall. fake images

The same can’t be said for Meghan, simply because he never gave her enough time to form any bonds. Meghan was welcomed with open arms by the monarch, who broke so many rules to make Markle feel special and welcome. And of course, Meghan was able to use this material in the infamous interviews at all levels of the media to explain how unwelcoming the family seemed to be, from no one offering her royal style or advice to the words “God save the queen.” “. .”

It’s a known fact that Sophie now has little time for the former actress, even downplaying the situation with Meghan after she dropped that explosive interview with Oprah.

When asked about the interview while speaking to a UK tabloid, Sophie, a former PR professional, quipped “Oprah who?” slapping whatever power she thought she had from chat show queen Oprah Winfrey.

But now, after the side blow at the Sussexes’ last public appearance and feeling the deep pain that Meghan and Harry had caused the queen, Sophie didn’t even dare to look in their direction, such was the feeling at that fateful event. . .


Return to this image. I’m told that Meghan was on the verge of relenting when she was informed that she would be sharing a car with Sophie; after all, she was hoping to drive with her husband, Prince Harry. But when she agreed to walk behind the late queen’s coffin, everything changed, causing Meghan to have, some say, a slight “moment.”

One can only assume what his thoughts were. After all, Sophie knows more than most, having spent years in public relations before her real life, just how demanding, distracting, and downright self-centered showbiz queens can be. But to say that the car ride was like a roller coaster ride at Coney Island would be an understatement.


No words were said, but it seems it was Sophie’s decision to share the car with a relative who seems to have put a dent in her pride in the royal family. Is it any wonder Meghan was holding her husband Harry’s hand so tightly when they got back together in Westminster Hall?

While Sophie has kept quiet about the incident with those outside of an inner circle of hers, a source assured me that she “wanted to do this personally as I believe in facing any issue head-on.” Sophie’s public relations training has put her in a good position to deal with any issues that come their way, but what’s more interesting is that Meghan, I’m told, was “shocked” by the incident.

Admittedly, this is not the time for a brick, but let’s not forget that it was, in fact, Mrs. Markle who put herself in this terrible PR position and then, without a shred of compassion, returned the family to the that destroyed TV, all while she reminded the public that she was “ready to forgive” last month with a rare but compelling interview with Cut magazine.

What Meghan didn’t realize is that the family she clearly detests apart from her own stays together and Sophie has shown her devotion to the late queen by getting in and sitting in the car with someone who, along with her husband , has achieved so much. Much damage to our beloved late queen and her monarchy, how proud must she have been that Sophie is that girl?

Ultimately, she could end up in the same car again at the funeral if Meghan stays, as Harry could be called back to offer another task, leaving Meghan vulnerable and very alone with, once again, the people who greeted her and, according to She treated her so bad.


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