‘Vampire Academy’ Peacock Series: Book Changes Explained By Creators


With the premiere of Peacock’s vampire academyschool is officially in session at St. Vladimir’s. And whether your knowledge of the franchise comes from Richelle Mead’s original book series or the 2014 film adaptation, you may be surprised to find that the legendary institution has undergone a few changes.

Yes, the school is still a training ground for the human-vampire hybrids known as “dhampirs,” as well as full-blooded vampires of the spellcasting variety known as “moroi.” But you won’t find it in the great state of Montana, like in the books, nor would you have to travel all the way to Pennsylvania to visit the royal court of vampires.

“One thing that will come as a surprise to fans is that, not only is the show not set in Montana or Pennsylvania, but it’s in this beautiful, epic setting because we were able to shoot it in Spain,” says co-showrunner Marguerite MacIntyre. TV line. “Then you get all this visual appeal, plus everyone comes together in one domain. Nothing is separate anymore. It’s a great way to tell the story.”

The show’s international reach also extends to its diverse cast. As co-producer Julie Plec explains, “No one told us we needed to have uniform accents or some kind of cultural uniformity. They allowed us to celebrate casting from around the world, letting these actors be their true, authentic selves, instead of just casting the character based on how the character looks in the books.”

Vampire Academy Changes ExplainedAnother key change involves the story’s main characters, best friends Lissa Dragomir (played by Daniela Nieves) and Rose Hathaway (Sisi Stringer). The relationship between this princess and her tutor-in-training remains at the heart of vampire academybut the show won’t necessarily present its story “in the way you think you’re supposed to see it.”

“So much of Rose and Lissa’s friendship, what they experienced growing up, the things they saw, the trauma that happened to them, the losses they suffered, was told as part of their backstory,” says Plec. “The first thing we did was ask, ‘Why would we want to count that as a memory when we could see it happen in real time?’ So we supported the beginning of the story in the context of the girls’ friendship, while continuing to do other story elements that were specific to the first book.”

vampire academy movieAs for the unfortunate vampire academy The film, whose cast included the likes of Claire Foy, Sarah Hyland, Cameron Monaghan and Dominic Sherwood, Plec says he didn’t bother watching while developing this television adaptation.

“With full respect for the filmmakers who made the film, I was very offended by the company that decided to market it as Bad Girls with vampires I mentally boycotted the movie as a fan of the books so I never saw it. Once we decided to do the show, I chose to stay pure and not see where they succeeded or failed, so we could build the show the way we really wanted to.”

The first two episodes of vampire academy are now available to stream on Peacock. Trade through our surveys below, then leave a comment with your complete review of the television adaptation.


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