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Julie Chen on Big Brother

It’s eviction time! The final 4 guests are just one step away as we eagerly await the results of who was eliminated on Big Brother 24 tonight. Alyssa and Taylor sit on the nominations couch and two votes will decide the next jury. With less than two weeks left in the BB24 season, every decision is critical and tonight’s HOH competition will establish the top of the summer’s F3 spots.

Alyssa, Brittany, Monte, Taylor and Turner have come a long way in this season of Big Brother, but they can’t all make it to the final night. The vote appears to be up and the flip attempt likely failed thanks to poorly executed moves by both Brittany and Alyssa, but at least it was something to watch and keep us busy in the Feeds. Now it’s time to go ahead and get your decision.

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Before we get to the vote, I hope we take a little trip to the Jury House to see how everyone is doing, especially with the Double Eviction coming up. I’ll be curious if Terrance has already removed that chip from his shoulder or not. No, probably not.

There’s no jury segment yet and that’s probably because we’re getting the Monte + Taylor show instead. And yes, they did this two nights in a row and it seems like they got pretty far when Monte said that Taylor snatched her soul and Taylor mentioned that she pulled a snake out of the cage…

Big Brother 24 Results – Week 10 Votes:

  • Brittany votes to evict: Taylor
  • Turner votes to evict: Alyssa
  • Tied! Monte will have to make the decision.
  • Tiebreaker: Monte Votes to Evict: Alyssa

By a 2-1 vote, Alyssa has been evicted from the house of Big Brother.

And we made it to the Big Brother Final Four! It’s an impressive achievement, but there is still more work to be done and it starts immediately. This next head of the household will secure a spot on the final night, so there’s no pressure or anything. Monte has to watch from the side and his game could be in the balance of his remaining allies. Well, he could have made the three of them think they were allies, but he decided to keep the friendly face with Brittany. I have to see if that comes back to bite him this week.

Big Brother 24 Results – Week 11 HOH – “Festival of Fashion”:

The HGs have to answer questions about Julie’s outfits. Wow. Good luck, H.G.! The HGs watch a montage clip of Julie in different outfits and then have to answer about what she wore etc.

  • spoilers: Get ready to find out who won HOH this week…
  • Round 1: Brittany and Turner get a point
  • Round 2: Taylor & Turner get a point
  • Round 3: Everyone gets a point
  • Round 4: Taylor and Brittany get a point
  • Round 5: Taylor and Brittany get a point
  • Round 6: Everyone gets a point
  • Round 7: Everyone gets a point
  • Taylor and Brittany are tied
  • Tiebreaker: Taylor wins when Brittany busts

Taylor is the new head of the family!

The correct time was 1404 seconds. Brittany guessed 2700 and Taylor chose 480. That guess secured Taylor a place in F3! Congratulations to all the HGs for making it this far. The nominations will come in tomorrow and then it will be Veto time on Saturday to decide who else will join Taylor in F3.

After the show, we’ll head back to Live Feeds to see the fallout on who won HOH and the start of the next rounds of planning for this week’s objective. Get the free trial and join us there now!

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